Marathon Sailfish Tournament Announced

Published On: September 26th, 2021Last Updated: April 29th, 2022Categories: Announcements, Tournament Events2.5 min read

Who doesn't love a good fishing competition? Well, if you are anything like me and this sparks your interest, then mark April 21st-23rd, 2022 down on your calendars! I am pleased and excited to announce that Marathon will be hosting what we hope will become an annual event, the first-ever Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament. Not only is it a two-day sailfish competition, but it has a positive message behind it.

Since the closing of the Leon Shell Sailfish tournament, Marathon has had a void for Sailfish competitions. Yes, we are fortunate to have some great Mahi tournaments in the summertime. Still, Marathon hasn't seen or celebrated the awesome billfish that pour through almost every spring for several years now. We would love nothing more than to get tons of boats and teams together to experience the adrenaline rush of spotting a Sailfish tailing on the surface, getting it to eat a bait, and fighting it to the boat. It's a feeling that still gets my heart pumping every time I catch one; in fact, just writing about it this very moment has elevated my heart rate.

While there are some great fishing tournaments in Islamorada, what better way to showcase the talented professional fishers we have on our wonderful island of Marathon than hosting a sailfish tournament of our own. While the Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament will showcase some of Marathon's finest, we welcome everyone to join as the event is for a good cause. Anyone who would like to participate, whether out of town, seasonal, or local, please join in on the fun and come out, have a good time, and make a difference while you are at it!

The overall goal of the new tournament is to have FUN but bring your "A" game. The first-ever winner will be something special to remember, that is for sure! And of course, come out and win some money and prizes. This tournament will contribute the proceeds to great charitable organizations that will make a difference in the lives of young children and their families by getting them out on the water to experience the joy and smiles a day out on the beautiful ocean brings.

So, what's next? Are you in? We will be launching a new registration page with all the details associated with the overall tournament, the rules, the venue information, registration procedures, and YES, WE WILL HAVE LIVE SCORING! And this tournament will be fun for all ages, as we will have a junior angler division.

We will be looking for volunteers, sponsors, and donations for the overall event to help make this occasion successful! Any help is welcome! While we have a great founder who has stepped up to the plate to run with this excellent idea, to make it a reality, it will take a village, so please get in touch with us and ask us how you can contribute and get involved!

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